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If you've spent even a few minutes looking for someone to photograph your wedding, you've seen the word photojournalism. A lot. But what is a photojournalist? Can anyone grab a camera and become a photojournalist? Or do talent, experience and dedication make a difference?

I am a working photojournalist and have many years of experience shooting stories for newspapers and magazines, working under tight deadlines in crowded, fast-moving situations where missing the shot simply isn't an option. Does this sound like something happening in your future?

I approach weddings a lot like news stories. I know certain things will happen, but I also know some unexpected things will happen, and I work hard to capture both. I prefer to document the day as it unfolds rather than stage-manage events. In other words, I like to mostly be an unobtrusive observer rather than the person telling everyone what to do and where to stand. I am happy to shoot as many posed wedding party and family portraits as you like (browse through my galleries to see examples), but what I do best is capture the true energy and emotions of your day. The result is photographs that beautifully and accurately tell the story of your wedding. And like a news story, it's a point of pride for me to come back with the absolutely best images possible.

If this sounds like the kind of photography you want for your wedding, call me at 612.508.7502 or email me at, and let's talk about how I can beautifully document your wedding day.